About the Geneva Initiative

In 2003, leading Israeli and Palestinian non-officials — former ministers, generals, and civil society leaders — concluded the Geneva Initiative: a draft final status, conflict-ending agreement that resolves the core issues between Israel and the Palestinians. Since then, in the face of continued conflict and the inability of the two parties to come to an agreement, the Israeli and Palestinian chapters of the Geneva Initiative have worked tirelessly to promote the vision of a two-state solution within the two societies. Moreover, the Geneva Initiative model, and the people behind it — former negotiators themselves — contributed to the formal negotiations that took place in subsequent years and the ideas discussed in those formal talks were eventually similar to the Geneva model.

The Two-State Index draws heavily, though not exclusively, on input and analysis produced by the drafters of the original Geneva Initiative, the staffs of their chapters, the advisory boards, and other supporters and experts. For more about us, visit our English, Arabic, and Hebrew websites.