How Feasible is the Two-State Solution Today?

Welcome to the Geneva Initiative's Two-State Index (TSI), a monthly assessment of the road to the two-state solution

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Welcome to the Two-State Index (TSI), a product of the Geneva Initiative.

In this website, and its sister newsletter, we try to make sense of what is happening in your Israeli-Palestinian newsfeed and assess the state of a two-state solution.

Examining more than 50 different parameters, the Two-State Index (TSI) organizes and systematizes the latest developments and determines whether they create progress toward or regress away from two states. Ultimately, the TSI produces a coherent assessment of the plight of the two-state option. You can read more about the index — its makeup and the methodology it employs — here

This site is in its beta phase. After we will have collected some mileage on our index and finished tweaking it to optimal efficiency, it will go to full functionality so you can investigate the various parameters we’re following.